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Nutritional Values, the conference theme, represents an exciting opportunity for us to increase our awareness and knowledge of the amazing health and nutritional properties of the avocado and explore opportunities to leverage the nutritional benefits of this fruit.

Consumers and the media are placing increasing importance and value on “functional” and “super” foods; avocado fits effortlessly into this category but what does this mean for our growers, our marketing and our returns? What are the specific health properties of avocado? How do we increase the visibility of these attributes? And how does what we do in our orchards and throughout the value chain impact on the final product we deliver to consumers?

The Nutritional Values conference will explore these questions and more, while providing delegates with an opportunity to reconnect, make new connections and discuss your ideas with peers and experts.


About the Host Organisations

NZ AvocadoNZ Avocado Growers’ Association Inc. (NZAGA)

Avocados are the third-largest fresh fruit export from New Zealand with exports in 2012-2013 valued at $31m and a domestic market worth $28.7. There are 1600 avocado growers in New Zealand whose interests are represented by the industry’s peak body; NZ Avocado Growers Association Inc.

creates a supportive structure that encourages development and growth within the industry with the aim of maximising value for growers.

The not-for-profit organisation carries out activity such as promoting the sale and consumption of avocados, managing a research and development programme, disseminating relevant industry information and lobbying and liaising with Government for the good of New Zealand avocado growers.

Avocado Industry Council Limited (AIC) is a limited liability company owned by NZAGA and is officially recognised by the Government as representing New Zealand avocados. In that recognition comes the requirement that any exporter of New Zealand avocados must be licensed with the NZ Horticulture Export Authority (HEA) and registered with AIC.

Under the NZHEA Act 1987, AIC implements quality standards, export grade standards and rules and procedures that must be followed by export growers, pack houses and exporters.

Avocado AustraliaAvocados Australia Limited (AAL)

Last year Australian avocado growers produced 51,000 tonnes of avocados. With production increasing from year to year this figure is expected to increase to 59,686 tonnes and increasing along with it are consumers' expectations of quality. Avocados Australia Limited (AAL) works to continually improve the ability of growers to provide a healthy, profitable and quality product for all consumers.

Avocados Australia provides a range of services to our members and the broader industry to foster growth and development. As a not-for-profit membership based organisation, our members include avocado growers, associated businesses and industry people.

Avocados Australia seeks to work with all parts of the supply chain, from production through to the consumer striving to promote best practice and, in doing so, improve product quality. As part of this continual improvement an industry Research and development Program and a Promotional Program for the Australian avocado industry is managed in conjunction with Horticulture Australia Limited and a range of external service providers.

For more information visit the Avocados Australia website:


About the Principal Conference Partner


Just in time for the new harvest, AVOCO™ is a joint venture operation set up to handle avocado exports for Primor Produce Ltd and Southern Produce Ltd.

Former rivals, the two grower groups will now work together to ensure the future of the New Zealand avocado industry is further advanced. The establishment of AVOCO™ marks the start of a new intensified focus on grower returns and increased benefits and opportunities for all its business partners.

The AVOCO™ coalition is the final piece in the marketing jigsaw for Southern Produce and Primor Produce, who are now working collaboratively in all markets

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